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Tomislav Aralica

Middle Ages, Small Arms, Uniforms & Insignia Consultant


Tomislav Aralica was born on 10th December 1956 in Zadar, Croatia. He lives in Sesvete, near Zagreb, and is a judge by profession. For 25 years he has been a collector of historical weapons and militaria. He has published over one hundred articles on weapons and militaria in various magazines, such as Oruıje, Sam, Hrvatski vojnik, Velebit, Vikend. In 1991 he published his first article under the title "Two Turkish Sabres" in the magazine Oruıje. In 1996 he published the book Hrvatski ratnici kroz stoljeća (Croatian Warriors through Centuries). In 1997 he organized an exhibition of yatagans in Museum of Peasants' Rebellions in Gornja Stubica. A catalogue under the title "Cold Weapons - Yatagans in Croatia" was published along with the exhibition. In 1998 he published an extensive article in a book dedicated to King Tomislav; the article was entitled "Swords in Tomislav's Period". His last articles were published in 2003 and 2004 in Hrvatski vojnik: "Parade Sabre of Zagreb University from 1895", "Sabertasche", "Armour of Ascanio Sforza Pallavicino", "Pećanka Pistols", "Officers' Dress Bayonet of a Habsburg Air Force Officer" and "Yatagan M1869". For the last eight years he has been working on a three volume series on WW2 armies in Croatia. The books should be published in 2005.